Risk Management & Commercial Insurance

Dedicated Risk Management consultants from AEGIAS have the knowledge and abilty to efficiently manage your commercial insurance program for the long-term. We work with you to determine the coverages you need, and how to maintain them in the most cost effective manner.

Property Insurance

AEGIAS offers a wide line of property insurance coverages, which will help you protect your corporate buildings, land and resources. We will work with you, carefully analyze your needs, and find a solution that's right for you.

Worker's Compensation

You work hard to meet the needs of your workforce, and to provide the best possible work environment. When accidents happen, you need a worker's compensation program that will take care of your employees, and protect you and company interests. AEGIAS will work with you to find and install a plan that fits your total corporate needs.

Automobile / Fleet Insurance

AEGIAS provides insurance plans specifically for commercial auto and company fleets. We analyze your situation, and work with you to craft the coverage you need in the most cost-efficient way possible. Ask us how we can help you protect your commercial assets.

Risk Management Consulting

AEGIAS consultants have the ability and knowledge to look at your commercial insurance plans in total, and to help you develop a comprehensive plan to protect all your assets and liabilities. AEGIAS provides peace of mind. Find out how today.

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