Healthcare Advantage Management Wellness Programs

A complete multi-sided approach to long-term benefits education management, cost-containment and communications.

Surveys & Benchmarking

Our consultants conduct benchmarking and surveys as a part of a comprehensive strategic planning process. Through our online survey system, we collect benefit data from survey participants. Our experienced consultants make sure that the survey is conducted with appropriate statistical validity and population representation. Through surveys (for quantitative data) using our survey system and facilitated discussion (for qualitative), we can gain an understanding of how your employees view their benefits, health status and other company programs. This input will help you determine the most efficient and effective ways to achieve your overall program objectives.

Coordination of Wellness

Our approach to wellness includes expert clinical consulting services that assist with the design and implementation of Wellness Programs. Wellness programs might include smoking cessation, nutrition and weight management, aerobic exercise, safety practices and stress reduction. Such programs serve to encourage healthy lifestyles and to increase health care self-management by plan participants. Our consulting role in the management of your Wellness Programs incorporates the crucial tasks of prioritizing employer needs, selecting vendors, communicating program benefits, overseeing program implementation, monitoring program effectiveness.

Employee Health Education

From time-to-time it may be important to convey new information to employees regarding their health and welfare. Our consultants provide assistance in these instances to ensure you effectively reach your audience.

We develop, plan and conduct informational forums which provides employees with current industry information as it relates to their health and usage.

Our consultants are trained to provide general assistance in a group setting and one-to-one consultations as necessary. Potential forum topics include but are not limited to disease management and healthy lifestyles, Managing Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Exercising, Managing High Blood Pressure, Managing Heart Disease, and How to get the most from Your Healthcare Plan Results increase awareness of all healthy resources for members currently available through the current benefits providers.

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